My love for French language and writing led me to study writing and translation at Université de Montréal.

After that, I worked for a survey and marketing research firm for almost 20 years. During these years, I worked as a word processor operator, language services coordinator, linguistic reviser, translator, analyst and editor.

I am therefore well equipped to help you with your documents, whether it is for linguistic revision, translation, layout or writing report or web content.

Linguistic revision and proofreading



Translation English to French

As a graduate of Université de Montréal with a degree in translation and cumulating more than 20 years in the marketing and survey field, I developed an expertise in the translation of survey questionnaires and data analysis reports. Nonetheless, I am also comfortable translating documents of general topics.

Even the best ones need to be revised!

After spending several hours or even days on a text, it becomes difficult to spot spelling mistakes or typos. I can help you with all this.


Depending of your needs, I can proofread your text for errors in spelling, syntax, grammar and language level, anglicisms, improprieties, layout, and also organization and consistency of the text.

It's not always easy to write a text. It takes time and patience. I can help you:

  • If you're overflowing and need a hand.

  • If you have an idea in mind, but you can't express it properly in writing.

  • If you have a text that already exists, but needs to be rewritten.

I can also help you:

  • With the illustration of your data: graphs, tables, charts and your layout.



1337, rue Fleury Est
Montréal (Québec)  H2C 1R4




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